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Orthodontics: Fact vs. Fiction

Many people–both children and adults–hold misconceptions about the field of orthodontics and life with braces. This can make paying a visit to an orthodontist daunting; if you aren’t equipped with accurate information, you might have some considerable fear. Luckily, your fear can certainly be assuaged with a few facts. Let’s go over some common misconceptions about orthodontists and set the record straight.

Myth: Visiting the Orthodontist Means I’ll Have Teeth Extracted

orthodontics-tipsNobody likes the idea of tooth extraction. While this is certainly a procedure performed by orthodontists in individual cases, it’s become rarer and rarer as less invasive treatment options have been developed. Modern orthodontists have great mapping technologies that allow us to understand better how braces and aligners will move and shape your teeth. This means more accurate predictions about how your teeth will move together or apart, and less tooth extraction as a result. At Smile Orthodontics, we use a state-of-the-art iTero 3D scanning system to do this. Also, when using Damon Braces, we rarely encounter the need to extract permanent teeth. In some cases, early orthodontic treatment can even reduce the risk of permanent tooth extractions.


Even with this new technology, there are two factors that most often lead to tooth extraction: tooth decay and overcrowding. Maintaining proper oral health will easily combat tooth decay, but certain cases of overcrowding make tooth extraction necessary for straightening. Sometimes, there’s just not enough room for all those teeth to properly develop. Even when this is needed, modern extraction techniques make the procedure exponentially less painful than it’s ever been. 

Myth: Orthodontists Just Provide Braces

While traditional metal braces have been an orthodontic mainstay for a very long time, a few new technologies are moving the field away from brackets and wires. Increasingly popular is the Invisalign system. An efficient replacement for traditional metal braces in mild to moderate cases of crookedness, gapped teeth, overbites, crossbites, and underbites, these invisible aligners can work wonders. They’re completely removable, which means you can eat whatever your heart desires. Also, nobody will ever know you’re wearing them!

At Smile Orthodontics, the cost is the same whether you choose to get Invisalign or braces. We take the cost out of the equation so that you can choose whatever treatment best fits your lifestyle. We are Elite Invisalign providers and we can tackle any kind of orthodontic cases with clear aligners. The smiles they help create last a lifetime, and we certainly believe they’re worth it!

Myth: Braces are Painful and Annoying

braces-treatmentFor most people, metal braces don’t hurt. Certainly, you shouldn’t be feeling any sharp pains at any point, and no real dull pain after the first week or so. This dull pain is usually just soreness as your teeth and jaw get used to the new forces acting on them. By keeping Advil on hand, you won’t have much to worry about at all.


Occasionally, metal brackets and wires can rub against the inside of your mouth and lips. This can lead to irritation, but it can be easily avoided with a tasteless wax applied to the offending area. By understanding these potential annoyances, you can minimize any discomfort on your road to a great smile! At Smile Orthodontics, we provide our patients with 24/7 access to care instructions for their braces. You can find more information here.

Myth: Orthodontic Treatment is Just for Kids

This myth stems from the fact that orthodontic treatment usually begins when a patient’s a child or adolescent. By starting early, we can provide results sooner. This also allows us to provide treatments that take advantage of a still-growing mouth.


orthodontic-factsThis doesn’t mean we don’t treat adults. You could be someone who’s never once paid a visit to an orthodontist, and it’s likely that we have treatments available to tackle your precise situation. Among adults, Invisalign is an incredibly popular treatment. This is because many people often don’t want the baggage associated with metal braces complicating their busy lives. Sometimes, though, metal braces are the best solution–even for adults–and the best treatment may be provided this way. Consult an orthodontist for advice about your options.

Myth: Treatment is Too Expensive

Many people are dissuaded from seeking treatment because they think it’s just too expensive. At Smile Orthodontics, we work our hardest with patients to make sure their treatment is affordable as possible. We offer payment plans that make the cost manageable, no matter what treatment is provided.

Dental insurance plans are increasingly likely to cover treatment for both children and adults; it’s certainly worth checking with your provider to see what’s included in your plan.

It’s important to note that the confidence inspired by your great smile isn’t quantifiable. The way you look and feel about yourself is significant, and these are the areas that Smile Orthodontics shines in. We want you to get the best bang for your buck, and our many satisfied patients have seen the results!


Myth: All Orthodontists Are the Same

While any certified orthodontist has to go through specific training, not all practices are the same. Many don’t offer Invisalign technology, great payment plans, and access to a state-of-the-art office. Smile Orthodontics has all of these, and we love seeing the results they help our experienced doctors provide.

The best way to experience this difference is to visit our office for a consultation. Smile Orthodontics will be able to answer any more questions you have at this meeting, and you’ll see for yourself what sets us apart as a practice. If you have any other immediate questions, please visit our Life With Braces page or give us a call at 707.546.8600 to make an appointment at our Santa Rosa or Windsor office today. See you soon!

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