What Sets Us Apart

It’s true: Frank, Chuck, and Joe may be a combination of the most ordinary names in the English Language, but
don’t let that fool you. Our doctors are the dream team of orthodontics. With nearly a hundred years of
combined experience between the three of them, there is no case too complex. For especially challenging cases
our patients benefit from their ability to conference with one another to ensure you have the most efficient
treatment plan with the best possible outcome. And with three doctors working between two locations, we’ll be
able to find a day and time that works for your schedule. Most importantly, you won’t be shuffled through our
office when you get here. You can be assured that you’ll have time to talk and interact with your treating
doctor at each adjustment appointment. Your trust means the world to us.



Dr. Joe Eliason

Dr. Eliason brings a warm personality and extensive training in cutting-edge orthodontic technology to the
SMILE Team. He loves practicing orthodontics and feels fortunate to be able to work on the beautiful smiles
of Sonoma County. Dr. Eliason feels strongly that orthodontic treatment should involve a relationship of
trust and strives to provide a level of care that will keep patients smiling confidently for years to come.

Raised in Lodi, CA, Dr. Eliason later received his dental and orthodontic training at the University of
California, San Francisco and the Medical College of Virginia. Dr. Eliason has been recognized with
numerous awards and accolades, including an award for leadership by the American College of Dentists and
for ethics and professionalism by the San Francisco Dental Society. He has also served the American Dental
Association nationally as a commissioner to the Commission on Dental Accreditation and currently reviews
scientific articles submitted for publication in prestigious journals such as Angle Orthodontist and
Progress in Orthodontics. He enjoys serving in his profession and in the community around Sonoma County.

Dr. Eliason loves working with kids of all ages, from 7 to 70. He and his wife Jana have four children of
their own: Lily, Noah, Gracie, and Josie. He is an avid cyclist and loves exploring the roads of Sonoma
County and the trails at Annadel State Park. Dr. Eliason and his family make their home in Windsor.

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Wear

The most experienced orthodontist in Sonoma County, Dr. Chuck Wear has been contributing to the health and
quality of life of children and adults since he established his practice in Santa Rosa over 30 years ago.
As passionate about orthodontics today as he was when he first started, Dr. Wear continues to pursue all
the latest in technology and innovation in his treatment options. His experience and knowledge combined
with his pursuit of excellence in producing beautiful, personalized and healthy smiles is what sets him
apart in Sonoma County.

His professional background includes serving on the faculty at the UCSF School of Dentistry, on a council
for the American Association of Orthodontists, on the board of the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists,
as the president of the California Association of Orthodontists, and as component president of the
prestigious Edward H. Angle Society to name a few. His highly respected reputation is known nationwide.

A community leader in Sonoma County, Dr. Wear has led and supported numerous educational and charitable
organizations. As he says, “I live here and I want to give back to my community”. When he’s not busy
creating amazing smiles, he also enjoys cycling, motorcycles, working out, skiing, golfing and is a private
pilot. He and his wife Ellen live in Santa Rosa where they have raised 2 kids, both grown and married. He
also enjoys spending time with his 5 grandchildren. Smiles created by Dr. Wear are enjoyed by a couple of
generations in our county which is why he has the reputation of being an “orthodontist you can trust”.

Dr. Kelly Choi

Dr. Kelly Choi received her dental training from the University of Pennsylvania and completed her orthodontic residency at the University of Washington. Originally from the east coast, Dr. Choi first moved to California in 2013 to work for Invisalign’s Research department in San Jose, CA. Dr. Choi quickly fell in love with the bay area weather and lifestyle and her husband, a native Californian, had no trouble convincing her that California would be their forever home.

Dr. Choi is well versed in traditional and modern orthodontic treatment modalities and brings both her enthusiasm and experience to the SMILE team. Dr. Choi is a member of numerous honor societies as well as local and national orthodontic associations. She has numerous accomplishments in the field, including the publication of her own scientific research in the prestigious Angle Orthodontist journal. Dr. Choi is also very proud to have passed a rigorous peer review exam in order to become a Board Certified orthodontist.

Dr. Choi is an avid reader, yoga enthusiast and runner. She loves to get outside and enjoy all of California’s natural wonders. Dr. Choi is very passionate about orthodontics and feels extremely lucky to practice a profession that she loves.